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[其他] "李寧"牌~復仇者球鞋

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Chinese athletic company Li-Ning has announced that they will release an Avengers themed shoe line simply called “Avengers Pack” in 2013. For those of you unfamiliar with Li-Ning, they actually rival shoe giants Nike and Adidas in China and recently signed Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat to an exclusive multimilion dollar shoe deal.

The sneaker pack focuses on the four central characters in the movies; Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk. Each colorway in the pack takes their inspiration from one of the heroes, with Thor going for a more abstract “God of Thunder” motif than a direct copy of his costume and Iron Man getting a blue glow outline on Li-Ning logo and tongue. Patent leather can then be found on the toe box and the lining of the shoes all the way to the lace eyelets. Each of the kicks also has a white midsole with matching outsole to give it an “icy” look.

Due to the lack of Marvel branding on the shoes, it’s not yet clear if this is an official collaboration between the two companies.  No official release date has been set, but you can check out these photos in the meantime. - See more at: ... thash.3J1l6ONk.dpuf
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