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[個人收藏] just few photos for quick review

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本帖最後由 drexler22 於 25-5-2014 06:27 PM 編輯

Just got 金毛獅王

actually, some of you may already saw my toys collection already.. (since i don't have much):38:

Now, i just waiting for Evolution Godmars and Q version Godmars, i know many people complaint about it, but since there are not many Godmars toys release, so i decided to get it anyway , pre-ordered

i wish i can still get more, i love a lot of toys, but i only make so little money...i should stop now, but i will still come, check out toys news and you guys collection. It's fun to come

actually, i have one more Gundam that i didn't show in the below pictures.. and I shall have the last update when those two Godmars arrive..

and the below is all i got

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