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[劇場創作] Victoria Park: DC vs Marvel

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本帖最後由 icyhugs 於 9-7-2014 11:56 AM 編輯

Logan: what's up bub? Can't wait to get me shirtless again? {:1_220:}
Peter: Well, we r going to the New Year flower market, not a gym, Logan! {:1_213:}
Steve: our mission of the day is to buy cheap flowers! U know ICY isn't a rich kid like Tony! {:1_240:}

And as they walk through the Victoria Park...
Peter: my Spidey sense is ringing like an alrm?
Steve: what did u pick up?
Logan: I smell steel...

Well, I'm afraid u caught the scent from the Men of Steel!

Actually Clark from The Man of Steel is taking a photoshoot with his counterparts from Superman the Movie and Smallville. Due to the postpone of Superman X Batman romance, oops, superhero epic, DC has to keep people talking about their movieverse. Can't let Marvel takes all the praise, right?

The tension rises as the younger Clark Smvallville & Clark MOS meet their competitors. Specially since the new generation of audience and comic readers know more of the Avengers and X-men than the DCU {:1_222:} :what: :angry:

And good old Steve goes Kamen Rider before everyone :XD:
'HENSHIN!' But does he really believe his shield can survive the combined Heat Vision of 2 Supermen?

This looks like the job for the one and only Superman: the late Christopher Reeve! Can he save the world from a war worse than nuclear WW3 which is DC vs Marvel?

Captain: Superman, we need to talk
Superman: Yes, we have a dying city to save

Will Hong Kong be saved in the year of Horse? Can the combined might of the Avengers and Justice League be enough to save my city?

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Ching, 好有heart, support!
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 樓主| 發表於 1-2-2014 10:14:13 | 顯示全部樓層
Ching, 好有heart, support!
mugfei 發表於 1-2-2014 07:08

    Thank you :) Happy Horse Yr
 樓主| 發表於 1-2-2014 10:15:20 | 顯示全部樓層
qoakzm 發表於 1-2-2014 10:00

Well, I wish I could but the fact is our daily lives been invaded too much! U have to make a stance for yourself.
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Very Nice Picture{:1_220:}
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Well, I wish I could but the fact is our daily lives been invaded too much! U have to make a sta ...
icyhugs 發表於 1-2-2014 10:15 AM

 樓主| 發表於 2-2-2014 22:02:43 | 顯示全部樓層
Very Nice Picture
股海神針 發表於 1-2-2014 18:09

    Thank you :) Let's have more outdoor photos XD
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本帖最後由 toys991 於 2-2-2014 11:42 PM 編輯

樓主你好cheap , 借意宣傳政治令人反感,這裡是玩具討論的網 !!!!!!!

日日睇新聞講政治巳經好X煩,請給我們一個難得可以休息一下的玩具網,thx !!!
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支持樓主咁有heart, 比個Like你
香港人就係政治冷感同政治無知, 只識返工放工, 吃喝玩樂, 政治同生活息息相關呀, 就算唔理政治, 政治都一樣殺埋身, wiki開台同國教單野就係最佳例子, 得閒除左玩玩具, 都要留意下身邊事, 下下靠小部份人做野唔夠架
香港搞成咁, 就係因為阿爺睇死香港人政治冷感同自私, 於是不停試你水溫, 好多野殺緊埋身呀, 今日唔理, 第日就會後悔
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本帖最後由 toys991 於 3-2-2014 11:34 AM 編輯



你而家就係同呀爺做緊  同一樣野  呀 ( 洗腦叫人占中)

哩度真係玩具討論區wow ,  除左玩玩具 , 你仲想要咩?

不如討論下 釣魚台 吖?好無?

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哩度真係玩具討論 ...
toys991 發表於 3-2-2014 11:05 AM

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本帖最後由 nosister 於 3-2-2014 12:30 PM 編輯

話明劇場創作, 樓主只係借用玩具表達佢想講o既野, 有何不何?
你唔鐘意, 可以唔睇唔回, 等個post慢慢沉底, 當然你亦有你言論自由, 但無權扼殺人地創作自由, 家陣人地無踩親你地條尾嘛,
另外佔中亦唔等同洗腦, 除非係小學雞, 否則咁大個人識得自己思考同分析, 你估真係咁易洗腦咩?
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