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[其他] 5月 Animax 播放印度製作 "忍者小靈精"

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Anime satellite TV network Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. will begin airing the new India-produced "Ninja Hattori" animated series on May 13, which has stayed true to its Japanese roots.

It will mark the first time in nearly 25 years that a new "Ninja Hattori" series has aired in Japan. The original "Ninja Hattori-kun" series, which was adapted from a manga of the same name by Fujiko Fujio A, was a popular anime in the 1980s.

The new 26-episode series will air weekly, with each episode containing two short stories.

The Indian remake was jointly produced by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi Corp., anime studio Shin-Ei Animation Co. and Reliance MediaWorks Ltd., India's entertainment services company.

The remake was produced to meet the needs of fans in India, where the original series has been popular after it started airing in 2006.

The new series premiered in India in May 2012 on Nick India kids' channel.

Although the animation production was done in India, the characters and stories faithfully follow the original series.
This is in stark contrast to "Suraj--The Rising Star," an Indian animated TV series. It was adapted from the Japanese baseball manga and anime series "The Star of the Giants," but is centered around a young boy from Mumbai who wants to be a cricket star.

The story of "Ninja Hattori" follows the title character who was trained in the ninja village of Iga. He befriends a boy named Ken'ichi and, by a strange coincidence, becomes a member of his family. Hattori-kun uses his ninja powers to help his happy-go-lucky friend deal with his daily perils.


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