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[新品消息] 鉄機巧 Transformers 變形金剛 洛迪文

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Other than the IDW head sculpt and color scheme, nothing else says Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime to me.  

It never was "Rodhimus"... so that's an unprofessional typo or a fan's bad photoshop?

The side arms weapons scream "Gundam 00" designs to me.

The "car hood" shoulder pieces say its turn into an American muscle car (similar to a 1970s Camaro RS), but the G1 Hot Rod is a non-Earth Cybertronian racer similar to European styling of that era than American.  So Flame Toys even got the car styling wrong...
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benkyo365 發表於 28-11-2021 01:45 AM

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這是領袖模式, 換言之有著裝. 但應該是同一盒入面, 不是DLC
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