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[新品消息] ●● 24/6/2014 玩具新聞報導 ●●

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HJ誌上限定 SIC 幪面超人 尼高 Jack Form
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11月 魂 Shop 限定 SIC 幪面超人 OOO Purakawani Combo
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SDCC限定 SHF Armored Black Ranger

It’s Morphin' Time! Tamashii Nations presents an exciting 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusive from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series! Introducing the S.H.Figuarts Armored Black Ranger. Intricate attention to detail allows for a rare and exciting portrayal of the Armored Black Ranger! Fans of MMPR will remember Zack in the first season finale, "An Oyster Stew", donning the Dragon Shield and making a comeback from the Oysterizer’s attack, a scene that was created exclusively for Power Rangers. Additional accessories include the Power Axe, Thunder Slinger and Blade Blaster; as well as interchangeable hand parts (4 right, 3 left). Don’t miss out on this must have exclusive!
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變形金剛4 舊化柯柏文 Rollbar 雜兵 套裝!!

thx BoAkawaii:77:
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變形金剛電影4 博派5人組套裝

thx BoAkawaii:77:
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變形金剛電影4 L級 柯柏文 鋼鎖 套裝

thx BoAkawaii:77:
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thx 吉野凜花:77:
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Medicom RAH DAFT PUNK (2015年3月發售)

thx 廿一月:77:
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From WO3A

June 23, 2014 in We are Six, 3AGO, Bambaboss
Guys, to avoid any confusion here is what we currently have at Bambalandstore:

Sixth Birthday Bambaboss in two versions, one for 3AA members and one for general audience, each Bambaboss is 66,66USD shipped.
8" tall 3AGO Duo de Plume (55USD shipped worldwide), who looks just like the photo at the product description page at
Thanks to everyone for the support and for being besides us throughout all these years!


thx terce:77:
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Medicom Exhibition BATMAN &BATPOD

thx hydroxide6 / HighLame:77:
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King-arts 出品合金 IRONMAN Mk 42

合金Diecast 。比例1/9th,大約23cm高,會着燈。

thx k1872888:77:
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