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[3A/ threezero] 3A Toys - TK Classics

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From WO3A ... chwu6ysy6quo5z6a2g9

January 27, 2014
I was thinking this weekend about the TK Classics line, which kinda became the Seven Bones line, well I want to get that line back to basics! So soon under the Classic title, I will release new versions of the Classic, Heavy and Slicer TK's, with some little tweaks etc. Also Want to get some the Bodysuit TQ's out there again.

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等四大癲王出嚟 {:1_203:}
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如果可以似Aki kiba naga Yama都唔錯過;)
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{:1_215:}算點? 又執過再出過? 駛x講咁多, 還店位位差唔多. :DD
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