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[個人收藏] HPC Toys Firm Series 001,002

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HPC Toys Film Series 001 & 002 (Special Gift From HPC)

Is my honoured to receive two figures from HPC toys which is Firm Series 001 A cop never dies and Firm Series 002 Jail Hero. They send all the way to me from Taiwan !

HPC Toys is a new 1/6 Figure company that founded on 23 January 2013. They are bunch of freaks that love 1/6 scale collectibles, that is why they decided to start their own brand. Providing various movie star figures to the collectors. As I said, they are still very new and hope to get more supports from collectors. Our opinion and suggestion will help them go further. Please visit their Facebook page at

Below are some reviews and photos I would like to share to dear collectors. First of all, the likeness is acceptable especially on Series 002 which is quite similar as movie Con-Air. I personally like the head sculpt and their cloths. The costume is really fit in cutting and in good materials. However, the body might need to be improved as articulation is limited as well as their hand joint material. Most impressively, the shoe is made by cloth with string instead of rubber ! most importantly, their product is value for money ! Is only selling at USD 115 for Jail Hero and USD 110 for A cop never dies !

I personally think that this 2 figures is quite impressive to me for a new company like HPC. Hope they produce more nice figures in future and hope more collectors can support them !

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隻CON AIR好正,可惜布斯有點失色。

 樓主| 發表於 5-8-2013 17:39:31 | 顯示全部樓層
隻CON AIR好正,可惜布斯有點失色。

catcat 發表於 5-8-2013 09:35 AM

yes. hope the next product will be better
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    隻布斯上色少了層油, 頭上分模線清晰可見. 而尼古拉斯基治就唔太似.... 我入了一次就算了, 靜待種子開花發芽才收割吧....:42::42: 之前post...
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