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[其他] 不會忘記當年的今天

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水水的基地 發表於 4-6-2013 02:00 PM

    好多年之前, 有一集頭條新聞講過: 六四就好似污咗血的布一樣,
可以用各種方法洗去部份血跡, 變得越黎越淡,
但係無辦法變番原來的白布, 仍然會留下點點歷史痕跡...
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On the night of June 3 in 1989, peaceful demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, mainly Beijing civilians and students, who fought for the development of civilization of the country against bureaucratic corruption and embezzlement, setback in democracy and social injustice, were suppressed by force and many of them were killed. In the past seventeen years the June 4 movement has not yet been vindicated. Not only have the victims’ family members been bearing the pain of losing their close relatives, they have also been put under surveillance, harassed, stalked or detained.

Nowadays, the Chinese economy has been developing in full swing. However, the corruption of local officials still leaves too much to be desired. Villagers, who have disputes over the land acquisition and compensation with local government officials, are suppressed by force, not unlike June 4 Incident. Lawyers who defend the citizens are detained or imprisoned. Many people have been killed or wounded due to industrial accidents in coal mines caused by over-exploitation. The lack of effective supervision system on food safety has posed a serious threat to the lives of Chinese citizens. Many minority groups in China lack legal protection and lawyers, who are devoted to fighting for their rights in mainland China, suffer from suppression or revenge. Law and regulations are not observed at all.

Therefore, lawyers in Mainland China, who fight bravely for people’s civil rights with non-violent means disregarding loss of personal interests, are worthy of respect. Their spirit is also similar to that of those Beijing students who staged a peaceful rally, march and hunger strike in 1989. The In-Defense-of-Civil-Rights Movement aims at fighting for and ensuring the rule of law in the hope that public awareness of human rights can be enhanced and constitutional democracy of China can be achieved one day. Law should protect the citizens and must be respected by the government. That is people’s basic right which must not be violated.
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原罪 發表於 5-6-2013 12:46 AM

    你在FB分享了一張一排的坦克車也很震撼, 車前人更有一夫當關的氣魄.
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[size=0.9em]維基解密:美國早知六四沒有天安門廣場屠殺 路人甲

袁木記者會 (89.6.6) -- 六四事件

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