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[個人收藏] 點解獅王都有鼻毛?

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在下嗰隻個大機械人頭盔也有 ( d 膠) 水口, 仲要係正面!  好彩係紅色頭盔下半部, 好似打陰型咁唔多. 不過個心都係唔多舒服!
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Lucky! 我隻無問題OK喎!:34:
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iamfinethankuuu 發表於 4-5-2011 05:24 PM

    詛咒獅子... ... :50:
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I opened three boxes and took two boxes.
All are JPN version.

All three lions have got problem.
1. acne on the forehead.
    a very small grey dot on mouth close to R. nostril.
    detached black paint on the chest of robot.
2. scar on eyebrow and scar on chin of lion
    broken red cross on shoulders and knees
3. a very small grey dot on mouth close to R. nostril.   
    excessive red paint  on the L. eye blow
    broken red cross  paint on the L. large shoulder cover.

If you look carefully at the nose, you also find some problem too.
I have to repaint the noses of both  boxes.
They are not very symmetrical to me.
The small grey dot can't be cured completely.

Luckily, I managed to clean up the excessive red paint with Tamaya Enaemal solvent.
The red and yellow paint of this toy can be cleaned with this solvent but beware of dissolving the paint completely.

The detached silver red paint can be dealt well with painting a thin layer of Mr. Color water based clear red if the underlying silver is still there.

QC of Bandai is really dropping....................................
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